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Nasal Filte

Nasal  Filte

Nasal Filte

Product ID: HS-04 (M, L)

This product is a medical filter with over 99% of filtering efficiency as well as maintaining temperature and moisture. Disposable and easy to carry, it separates you from allergens and immediately improves your nostril allergy, dryness, asthma allergy etc. Nube100 will keep your nose warm, moist and clear, without affecting your daily life such as speaking, eating or brushing teeth.Keeping your nose moist, warm and clear!

»  Specifications:
  • Subjects
    • adult,children
  • Position
    • Nasal
  • Effects
    • Filter, maintain temperature and moisture
»  Features:
  • Hold the plastic , then place Nube100 inside your nose. Adjust the plastic to make Sure you are comfortable
  • To prevent allergies: put Nube100 on before you get off bed every morning to Maintain temperature in your nose and prevent running nose.
  • To slow running rose: if you have running nose, clear the nose first before putting Nube100 on.
  • When riding motorcycle, Nube100 will help prevent you from inhaling traffic exhaust.
  • In dry environment, such as office, inside the aircraft or continental climate conditions, Nube100 will help keep the air moist. (Add water to Nube100 first for better result).
    • Also effective against sand storms, air pollution, dry air, cold air, allergens etc.
  • Adults must be present when used by children between 3-12.
Contact Detail
CEO:Mr. Billy Liang
Contact:Manager Billy Liang
Address:No.32-19, Pucai Rd., Puyan Township, Changhua County 516, Taiwan (R.O.C.)