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B/V Filter

B/V Filter
Product ID: SK204 FILTER
»  Specifications:
  • Viral retention 99.99%
  • Bacterial retention 99.99%
  • Mode of fi ltration electrostatic
  • Weight 33 g
  • Dead space 45 ml
  • User duration OR: Per patient
  • Housing dimension: dia. 7.7cm x height 6.8cm
  • Resistance:   <0.45 cm H2O at 30 L/min 
  •                       <1.3 cm H2O at 60 L/min
  •                       <2.7 cm H2O at 90 L/min
  • Connection: ISO 22M/15F - 22F/15M
  • ICU: max. 24 hours
  • Expiration 5 years sterile
»  Features:
  • Sterilisation method Ethylene oxide
  • Quality System ISO 13485:2003
  • Filter housing transparent green, allowing visual inspection
  • Material latex free, DEHP free
Contact Detail
CEO:Mr. Billy Liang
Contact:Manager Billy Liang
Address:No.32-19, Pucai Rd., Puyan Township, Changhua County 516, Taiwan (R.O.C.)