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Disposable - Humidification Chamber

Disposable - Humidification Chamber

This disposable chamber is designed to single used, please do not sterile and use again.

Product ID: HC-01

The HC-01 is a Disposable humidification chamber for use with any compatible humidifier heater bases and is recommended for adult applications. The chamber is used to provide humidification for intubated or non-intubated patients.

»  Specifications:
  • Set up and Operation:
    • Ensure that the chamber and circuit are connected well before use.
    • Refer to the humidifier operating manual for recommended set-up on the humidifier.
    • Do not Sterile the chamber again.
  • Warning:
    • "X"demotes water level too high,"V"demotes max. water level
    • DO NOT fill the chamber above the max. fill level line. Liquid could enter the breathing circuit if the chamber is overfilled.
    • Do not touch the heater plate or chamber base.
    • Do not exceed a maximum peak flow rate of 180L/min.
    • DO NOT fill the chamber with water in excess of 36°.
    • If a waterfeed set is used, ensure the water bag is placed below the level of the humidifier after the chamber has been filled.
    • Ensure the humidifier as not tilted. Tilting the humidifier may result in water entering the breathing circuit.
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Gas Ports Inlet 22mm M/ outlet 22mm M Max Peak Flow 180L/min
Compressible Volume Empty: 330ml Air Resistance 0.2cmH2O @30LPM
- Full: 200ml Modulus of Elasticity 0.6㏄/ cmH2O
Max. Water Capacity 200ml Absolute Temperature >4mg/L (10-100LPM)
Base dia. 9.5 cm Dome 110mm
Material Dome / K-resin Base / Stainless steel Gasket / Synthetic Rubber
Contact Detail
CEO:Mr. Billy Liang
Contact:Manager Billy Liang
Address:No.32-19, Pucai Rd., Puyan Township, Changhua County 516, Taiwan (R.O.C.)